Frankie’s Jewels gives you the ability to create your own unique piece of jewellery personal to yourself or someone special.

Each piece is carefully crafted to your specification and shipped with love to you.

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Featured Products

14k Gold Filled Wire Jewellery

Our personalised 14k gold filled wire jewellery is unique to every person and is made from the highest quality wire hand picked by us.

As you personalise your necklace with your name or name of a loved on it is sentimental to you.

Frankie’s Jewels jewellery is made with love and passion making it a perfect gift for your loved one.

The 14k gold filled wire is durable and can be worn throughout the day.

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Recent Products

Through customization we give you flexibility. Flexibility to create something unique and most importantly, something special.

Sterling Silver Wire Jewellery

Our custom 925 sterling silver wire jewellery is the perfect gift for your loved one and is unique to you.

You can personalise it with any name or word which can make it meaningful to you.

The necklace is made from the highest quality silver wire hand picked by us. The necklace is durable and if looked after will last for years

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We are personalised name necklace specialist

Your Personalised name necklace is completely hand made. This makes it a special one of a kind item. We can create necklaces using any name. This includes names that are not of English spelling.

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14k Gold Filled Pendants

Our collection of pendant jewellery combines contemporary and delicate pendants that make for unique styles that make a statement. The pendants are 14k gold filled and show beautiful and fine detail.

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